Blueprint for Resolution of the Controversy Surrounding the Arana Greenbelt Master Plan and the Broadway-Brommer Bicycle/Pedestrian Connection

The California Coastal Commission highlighted the City's process:
"As directed by the City's LCP, the preferred planning approach would be to prepare a specific management plan for the Arana Gulch greenbelt prior to consideration of a Broadway-Brommer Bicycle Pedestrian Path project."

Here is a proactive schedule, which allows the City Council a way to move forward without risking a legal challenge to the FEIR.

Arana Gulch Master Plan

  1. Accept the recommendations of the Parks and Rec Commission, that is:

    • Do not certify the FEIR on July 11, 2006.
    • Do not accept the Arana Greenbelt Draft Master Plan.
    • Do not adopt the Findings of Fact, the Mitigation and Monitoring Program, or the Statement of Overriding Considerations.

  2. Direct Parks & Recreation Staff to rewrite the Arana Greenbelt Master Plan without specific development projects, such as the east-west Broadway-Brommer Bicycle Connection project and containing only general program elements (i.e., "interpretive trails").

  3. When completed, accept the rewritten Arana Greenbelt Master Plan document.

Bike Lane Project

  1. Allow the Soquel Avenue Bike Lane project to be completed (November 2006 - just a few months away) and used for several months to see how well it functions as a safe east-west corridor. The Soquel Ave./Capitola Road rebuild/restriping safety project shall also be available at the same time.

  2. If the Soquel Avenue Bike Lane project does not meet expectations, then direct Public Works to begin a study of an east-west bicycle connection that includes all possible alternatives, including a Frederick Street ramp and the Murray St. bridge seismic retrofit.

The goal of this schedule is to move forward, yet move forward conservatively to protect the City as well as Arana's Open Space. It also addresses transportation purposes and goals for cross town traffic.

Friends of Arana Gulch
6 July 2006

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