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Brommer Street Curb Replacement

    In the construction industry, a "change order" is required when something is added to a project that was not on the original blueprints upon which a contract was signed. "Change orders" mean extra money has to be spent on the project.

    Halfway through the Broadway Brommer project, the City has already had to spend the $300,000 it allocated as its contingency fund to build BB, because there have been a few surprises when it comes to actually building anything from the blueprints the City paid for and approved. Change order. Ka' ching!

    As an example, documented in these photos, curbing was installed as part of the so-called "Multi-use Interpretive Path" that goes along Brommer Street as it heads into the harbor from 7th Avenue. 180 linear feet of this curb had to be demolished, thrown away and re-installed due to errors in the specifications of the City's original approved blueprints. Change order. Ka' ching!!

wrong curb no curb new curb
The original curb (2/15/14). Imagine driving forklifts over that angle! It would have become chipped within a month of use. The County will have to maintain this portion of the project. As it is, this is going to be a maintenance nightmare anyway. The first curb entirely removed and forms for the correct "rolled" curb (3/9/14). Everything removed went to the dump, of course. The new rolled curb (3/7/14) before the street was re-asphalted.

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