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Arana Gulch is a 67.7-acre designated greenbelt on the Santa Cruz east side, that contains coastal terrace prairie grasslands, oak/bay woodlands, riparian corridors, fresh and brackish wetlands, and Hagemann and Arana Creeks.arana 1

ag1 1The Arana Gulch Greenbelt habitat contains threatened and endangered species, such as the Santa Cruz tarplant (Holocarpha macradenia), a federally-listed threatened species and a state-listed endangered species. All of the Arana Gulch Grenbelt is designated Critical Habitat for the Santa Cruz tarplant and is a City of Santa Cruz declared Open Space. For a complete list of species that inhabit Arana Gulch, click HERE.


Originally part of the Mexican-Era land grant "Rancho Del Encenlatios", Arana Gulch was named after Juan Arana who lived in Live Oak in the mid-1800s. His was one of the first ranchos in the Santa Cruz area. Much of the western boundary is formed by a 6.5 acre private holding which, in its entirety, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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