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Broadway-Brommer: The Destructive Project

  • November 4, 2013   The City began to stake out the construction of Broadway Brommer the week of November 4th. By Tuesday of the following week (11/12), it was apparent that the low bid contractor (ProVen Management) had big plans. Mown areas began to pop up all over the northern portion of the greenbelt, then fencing.  Go HERE to see the beginning of the gentrification of nature.

  • November 18, 2013   The scale of the project began to be very apparent, very quickly. Just 2 weeks after the work began, the ancient soil of the coastal terrace prairie grassland was dug up, turned over, shoved around and eventually stockpiled to be placed somewhere else than where it had been the past millennia...or so. Progress is our most important product. Even proponents of BB were heard to exclaim "I had no idea!" when viewing the enormity of the rearrangement of the greenbelt.  Go HERE to see, sadly.

  • December 2013   Go HERE to see The Path of Destruction.

  • January 2014    The destruction of tarplant critical habitat grows ever larger.  Go HERE to see the continuing gentrification of nature.

    • West Hagemann Creek bridge work, where industrial scale work continues.  Click HERE to see the destruction.

  • February 2014   The rains have come and work continues in the mud.  Go HERE to see the mire.

  • March 2014   Damage for a "path."  Go HERE.

  • March - April 2014   East Hagemann abutment work.  Go HERE to see the scale of destruction of the meadow.

  • April 2014   Go HERE to see the damage to the Arana Creek stream bank to date.

  • September 2014   Go HERE to see how City water is being wasted on the project, as residents conserve.

    • Go HERE to see the latest destruction of tarplant critical habitat for the Agnes Street connection to Broadway-Brommer.

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