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Retaining Wall Hazard

    On November 3rd, the City Public Works Dept. was notified of the hazardous situation of the newly built retaining wall of the Broadway Brommer bike project -- along Brommer Street Extension, as it heads downhill toward Arana Creek. County Public Works was copied on the email.

    The substantial iron I-beams, used to house the retaining wall treated lumber, have sharp, pointed edges.

    Kids love to climb on things and balance along narrow walkways. The Brommer Street retaining wall begins at about 2' height at its eastern end, so hopping up on the wall is very easy, with or without the assistance of a parent.

    The concern is that one of these days a child (or teenager or someone with too much alcohol to think responsibly) will stumble and fall while "walking the wall," possibly landing on the sharp iron edges. Another potential hazardous situation would be for a bicyclist, coming fast downhill (they will) and upon encountering uphill bike and pedestrian traffic, to veer to the right and accidentally encounter those sharp corners. Even the wooden beams, splintered already, provide a hazard to anyone who might fall against them.

    Public Works thanked us for "the heads up" and said they would "take a look at our concerns."

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UPDATE! November 23, 2014
In response to our concerns, the City apparently instructed the project contractor to grind the sharp edges of the I-beams. Below are pictures of the results.
This may or may not reduce the hazard as we see it.

DSCN3346 DSCN3349

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