From our photo gallery....

Occupy Santa Cruz-Nov. 2011  Bill Bortin rocks it.

"And it's 1, 2, 3, Billion more, it's a new ball game!" teaching the crowd Betsy Rose's
"Take me Out of the Big Banks"

May, 16, 2009: "Many Voices, One Land" concert

May 1, 2008--Reel Work Labor Film Festival and the Central Coast Premiere of "Pete Seeger; The Power of Song"

Human Rights Fair-December 2008

March 2011--7th annual "Cook, Serve & Sing" event for Watsonville Homeless Shelter Services:

   March 2009-Chef Jozseph shows us how it's done.....

March, 13, 2010--the 6th annual "Cook, Serve, and Sing"
Cynthia, Jim, Judy G., Joanie, Takashi & Judith W. take a break after
a long afternoon of peeling, chopping, slicing, boiling & (of course!) singing.

An image from our very first full-length concert way back in June of 2003