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Cindy in the Great outdoors Hi, I'm Cindy and thats a picture of me on the left... or is it on the right? Depends which web browser you are using. Ha Ha!!! I do work for a living when I'm not playing on the computer...driving the city bus. I created the little bus animation below. The buses don't really smoke that much!!! For bus schedules and more information go to Metro's Web page.
Bus animation
When I'm not working or sleeping, I am enjoying...obsessing... or cursing my computer. Actually, I do have other interests and passions that I enjoy in my spare time. Click on the links to learn more.
Birding...Yes...I've gone to the birds. It's my latest obsession. They are so beautiful and it's fun to try to identify them.
backpacking Hiking/Backpacking...I love getting way back in, away from the hustle and bustle, to remote areas in the wilderness. I find serenity and my connection with my higher power when I'm in the majesty of mountains, streams, wildflowers, and forests...
pets Kiddo and Snickers...How could I forget my animals. Their either in my face, on my lap, or on the couch!! I love em!
garden Gardening...I experence the beauty of life and my connection to the earth and nature when I'm in the garden. I love digging in the earth, planting and experiencing all the seasons.
exercise Fitness...Being in shape, has always been important to me, though I do sluff off at times. When I nourish and exercise my mind..body..and soul, I feel soooo...goood!!!!
video editing Videography...one of my hobbies and passions, expressing my creativity in video editing and production. I recently invested in a digital video capture board so now I'm learning to edit on the computer. Great fun!
SoulCollage SoulCollage is a process of soul tending and self exploration. By tearing images that you are drawn to from magazines, and making collages on cards you create a deck, which you then consult in different ways, for wisdom and direction.
woman's links Women's Links...spirituality, sports, music, health, etc.

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