The Source Card

Shame Card


5th Chakra (throat)

Ancient Wisdom


Making a SoulCollage deck is a way of soul-tending and exploring self. By tearing images from magazines that you are drawn to, and making collages on cards, you create a deck which you then consult in different ways for wisdom and guidance.


The Deck has one card to symbolize the Source of everything and four separate suits each with several Soulcollage Cards, symbolizing the multiple parts of your life.

The four suits are.....


This suite represents the inner parts of your personality. Over time you will identify and make cards for the different voices or ego states residing inside you. This suit's name could also be our Inner Family. Here the psychological dimension of Soul is addressed.


This suit represents the sentient beings most prominent and powerful in your community. Over time you will identify and make cards for humans and pets who have loved you, taught you, and challenged you.This suits name could also be our Human Allies. Here the communal nature of Soul is addressed.


This suit represents the animal totems residing in the seven major energy centers of the body, or chakras. These Companions are usually accessed through guided imagery. This suits name could also be our Animal Guides. Here the energetic nature of Soul is addressed.


This suit represents the archetypes who are active in guiding your life, honoring some of the great, over-arching themes which have gripped humans from the beginning of history, and which may be gripping you now. This suit could also be called the Archetypes. Here the spiritual nature of soul is addressed, and the Larger Story of each individual.

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