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Earth First! is a non-hierarchical network of autonomous groups and individuals committed to biocentrism, direct action, and a no-compromise stance.

The Santa Cruz chapter of Earth First! consists of various folks who want to protect local biodiversity and ecosystems. We are a mix of students, teachers, parents, bike activists, organic farmers, contractors, artists, and computer programmers. Some of us are 'young' and others 'old', and often we differ on tactics, strategy and even philosophy. Some of us call themselves Earth First!ers, some don't. But we are all bound together by our love and respect for the Earth that we all share, and by a commitment to eradicate all forms of oppression and exploitation of any living being.

From the coastline of the Monterey Bay to the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the committed activists of Earth First! Santa Cruz are engaged in a no-compromise effort to defend our bioregion.

Click around to learn more about our direct action campaigns -- past, present & future. What's up with the tree-sitters out in Ramsey Gulch, and the Sherpas of Salsipuedes who keep them supplied with the relevant necessities? And how can you help them? Send stuff, send money, send a friend. Or turn off the computer and get out there.

Together, we can stop Redwood Empire, Inc. and its timber-baron CEO Roger Burch from further ravaging the watershed of Watsonville and gain permanent protection for these beautiful trees and the precariously steep hillsides that they safeguard. What's more, we can stop business-as-usual for the logging industry in Santa Cruz and ultimately, end corporate rule, through global non-violent solidarity with like-minded activists everywhere.


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