Poem for Robert

By Penelope

I want to leave and walk
I want to speak and not talk
I want to stare and not balk
I patiently endure
I’m grateful and I pray
These feet have held me every day,
unattached to red white or grey,
I’m a Robin Bird today
From 6 feet 4 I yearn for more,
yet desire less
I open my heart to life
I accept this test
Like rivers flow my life empties
into the vast ocean
Swells of love,
Newness above…and below
The obvious so seldom showed,
in the dark I doubled back
Unaware of the pact I made with nature
to protect her, I accept her as my life and death

From her womb, away
and soon, back to the ashes
from which I rise
I am alone thru the tears we cry
Yet the songs we sing
and laughter bring life to my death
And thru worst and thru best we are blessed
with each other
Comfort your sisters and brothers
Bridge this gap anew
with rainbows of light
mysterious flight…
of freedom



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