The Virtual High School Project


The Virtual High School in Active Worlds was built in less than three weeks as a VOLUNTEER COLLABORATION which brought together the talents, expertise and vision of the following architects, designers and educators.


The Gallery Show: "Geometry - The Language of Art and Science" was built in less than a week, featuring the artistry and web pages of numerous computer artists, mathematicians and University-based works. It was curated by Bonnie DeVarco and Penny Twining (Zg). The Struck Gallery Sculpture was generously provided by Gerald de Jong.

We would like to offer our special thanks to the following computer artists, pioneers and thinktanks whose works and pages are linked to and featured within the VHS Gallery Show, "Geometry - The Language of Art & Science", the WebQuest Wing of the Science Lab and the Spanish Room of the VHS:



Robert Lawlor & Keith Critchlow
Ancient Polyhedra

Dr. John H. Lienhard University of Houston,
"Fivefold Symmetry" from the Engines of Our Enginuity Radio Show and WWW page

Dr. David R. Greaves
Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Oxford University
Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus Images and Structure of Viruses WWW page

Dr. Ron Lifshitz
Condensed Matter Physics
California Institute of Technology

Quasicrystal diffraction image

Dr. Steffen Webber
The National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM), Japan
Quasicrystal WWW page

Dr. Tony Smith
Georgia Tech
Penrose Tiling & The Golden Mean

Dr. Vladimir Bulatov
Physics Department, Oregon State University
VRML Polyhedra WWW pages

George Hart
Dept. of Computer Science
Hofstra University, NY
Pavilion of Polyhedrality - VRML polyhedra and History of Polyhedral Art

UK History of Mathematics
Biographies of Durer, Kepler, Pythagoras and Fibonacci

The Louvre, Paris
Extended Biography of Durer

Boston Museum of Science
Leonardo, Renaissance Man

Dr. Athanassios Economou
Urban Design Department School of the Arts and Architecture, UCLA Architecture
Java tessellations applet from online course, "Fundamentals of Architectonics: Symmetry"



Wyvern-Community.School, U.K.
Sierpinski Triangle

Eric Weeks
Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania
Cellular Automata on a Quasicrystal

David J. Eck
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Geneva, NY
"Cellular Automata and the Edge of Chaos"

Andy Burbanks Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group
Gallery of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Loughborough University, UK
Mandelbrot Fractal image and gallery

Boston University & the Boston Science Museum
Chelsea High School
Fractal Investigation

Roger Grace
SARC - Stone Age Reference Collection
Institute of Archaeology, Art History and Numismatics (I.A.K.N.)
University of Oslo, Norway
Strange Attractors used in Paleontology



John Dunn, University of Hawaii &
Dr. Mary Anne Clark
Dept. of Biology
Texas Wesleyan University
Algorithmic DNA Music

David G. Green
Environmental and Information Sciences
Charles Sturt University Australia

Hung-Wen Chen
Cornell University
L-system Plant Geometry Generator

Craig Schneider & the L-Systems Group at Trinity College

Laurens LePre
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Bruce Damer
Nerve Garden at Biota.Org



Robert Gray
University of Rochester
Online Synergetics and Synergetics 2 by R. Buckminster Fuller and E.J. Applewhite

Kirby Urner
Synergetics on the Web

Richard Hawkins
Synergetic Geometry Gallery

Gerald de Jong
Elastic Interval Geometry

Karl Erickson



Mark Winter
University of Sussex, UK
"WebElements" - Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

VRML Buckmisterfullerene Molecule

Nobel Foundation
1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry page

Dr. Vladimir Bulatov
VRML Polyhedra

CNN Special Article on the International Space Station

IPIX 360 degree view of NASA's Space Station Laboratory



Tony DeVarco
WorldSat International
Satellite maps of Central America, Mexico, South America & Spain

Searchable English-Spanish Dictionary

University of Waterloo
Classic Grammar Text in Espanol