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Useful Meta Information


Basic Internet Acronyms

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (the first prefix of a web address) retrieves hypertext documents from a remote location for viewing on a local computer.
FTP File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a client-server protocol which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network.
ISP Internet Service Provider. This is your connection to the Internet. You use an ISP to connect onto the Internet every time you log on.
IRC An acronym for Internet Relay Chat. Worldwide real-time conferencing on the Internet, There are hundreds, maybe thousands of IRC channels, also called chat rooms. These chat rooms typically focus on specific topics, issue or commonality.
URL Uniform Resource Locator - Acronym for a standard Web address

File Extension Acronyms

The following acronyms refer to file formats we will see and use while exploring or developing materials for the World Wide Web. A "file extension" is a "suffix" usually comprised of three letters that follow the end point on a file or web address.


.doc A DOS/Windows program or a DOS/Windows word document
.exe A DOS/Windows program or a DOS/Windows Self Extracting Archive
.html or .htm HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the code the web is written in.
.pdf Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in)
URL Uniform Resource Locator - Acronym for a standard Web address
.txt A plain old Text File
.zip pkzip A common DOS/Windows compression format


.gif GIF (Graphical Interchange Format), though not the most economical, is the most common graphics format found on the Internet.
.jpg, .jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group - JPEG/JFIF, a 24 bit graphic format
.png An Acronym for Portable Network Graphics
.psd The name of a Photoshop file
.tiff, .tif TIFF is a very large high quality image format. (used for hardcopy publications)


.aiff Audio Interchange File Format – a sound format commonly used by Apple and SGI
.au or .snd audio/sound for Sun, Mac, NeXT, UNIX
.mid midi common sound file format
.mpg, .mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group - the standard movie platform for the 'net. (requires MPEG 3 plug-in)
.mov, .qt QuickTime Movie, Apple Macintosh native movie platform (requires Quicktime plug-in)
.avi Audio-Video Interleaved – Microsoft’s file format – desktop movies
.ram RealAudio file (requires RealPlayer G3 plug-in)
.wav Windows Wave format sound file
.voc vocal Soundblaster


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