Laura's Health Tips

Laura will post her health tips about a week before the class in most cases. Please read and summarize the tip BEFORE coming to class, so you will be ready to discuss the topic with the group.

How to Do a Summary for Laura: Choose the two or three main ideas you've read in the tip that seem most important to you. For each of these, write two or three facts that support or are related to this idea. Write the ideas and facts in your health notebook. You won't need to remember picky details. Instead, focus on what seems most interesting or important to you.

Next, look at the discussion question(s). In some cases, you might want to do research on your own to help you think about the question(s), but this is not required. Mainly, I want you to give them some thought so you can contribute to the class discussion.

Example of summary, using the West Nile Virus Health Tip:

One main idea is: "The best way for a person to prevent getting infected with WNV is to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito."

Some supporting or related facts which you might want to put with this main idea:

- Stay away from mosquitoes.

- If you must be near mosquitoes, protect yourself with clothing and insect repellent.

- Eliminate places around your home where insects can breed.


West Nile Virus - September 15 or 22, depending on your group

School Food - September 29 and October 6

Water - October 13 and 20