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Diagrams and Torques

Quick reference guide

Disclaimer: Work on your car at your own risk, this page is a guideline that I ALONE use. These are things I observed while doing my own installations. This is dangerous work and ALWAYS use good jack stands and a hydraulic lift (at the same time) whenever you are working on/under your car. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

I used the references at the bottom of the page along with tips from, Big Coupe Group, Steve Haygood (parts and advice) and my dad as well as years of automobile work to guide me through this process and keep me safe.



Air tools, compressor, 1/2" sockets (17mm,18mm,19mm,22mm,...), 1/4" sockets, 1/2" torque wrench, jack stands, hydraulic lift,


<Numbers> reference the picture = <number><#> foot pounds (ft lbs)

<Part name><corresponding number in pic> - <part it attaches to>

Blue items are book marked to a Glossary at the bottom of the page.

Car/parts orientation = From drivers perspective, Left (drivers side), Right (passenger)

Tips: Following each pic are some tips to help ease the process

Table of Contents: Control Arms, Tie Rod Assembly, Drive shaft Assembly, Glossary

Upper Control Arm(5) - frame*
7,9 = 65#
Lower Control Arm
(10)- frame*
12,14 = 65#

UCA ball jnt(5)- Str Knkl
LCA ball jnt
10)- Str Knkl

* Remember to torque this end last, one wheel at a time w/ the wheel on the ground (preloading) TOC
Idler Arm bolt
#10,8 = 54
Idler Arm - Cntr
PS Arm - nut to box
PS Arm - Cntr
Tie Rod Ends ( both sides)

#12,5 = 23-29
Steering Knuckle
(1) - Strut mount
#2 = 64

When replacing the whole assembly I found it easy to attach & torque all items (Idler arm, PS arm, and L & R Tie rod end) that connect to the Center tie rod (Cntr) first then inert the assembly into the frame, inserting but not yet torqueing the PS Arm, insert the idler arm bolt and torque, then follow up by torqueing the PS arm nut. TOC

Guibo / Flex-disc bolts
3,6 = 73#
Center Bearing Nuts

Remove the muffler ( it will be in the way)

Clean and grease half shaft splines

For the balance of your drive shaft, mark the two half shafts, near the joint, so you can put them back together at the same rotation (spot).

Clean rust off all parts that you can see - repaint if needed to keep rust out

Preload Center Bearing 1/4" towards transmission

Good idea (but not necessary) to change the Center bearing with each Guibo

Need 6 new bolts/nuts every time you change your Guibo TOC



Cntr  Center tie rod - Tie rod ends, Idler Arm and PS Arm attach to it and use it as the main directional support for steering

Guibo -(Gwee-bow) Flex disc, vibration damping between the transmission and the drive shaft

Idler Arm - Attached to the center Tie rod  and frame to be a secondary pivot support to the PS arm.

PS Arm  Power Steering arm - Attaches the Center Tie rod to the power steering box.

Str Knkl  Steering knuckle - Attaches to strut mount, tie rod ends and control arms attach to it


BMW Coupes Manual, Chilton Publications, 1991, San Diego

E28 Manual, Bentley Publications, 1994, Livingston, Ohio


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