To Celebrate


A quiet breeze silently restles some leaves.

 The sun shining brightly over the couple,

sharing a beautiful day.

 to celebrate their love.

Holding her inhis arms, he whispers in her ear, his

 deepest love.

They express their love for each other, which is

 mch deeper than words.

Sitting on the soft blanket beside the sparkling lake,

 underneath the beautiful sky.

Every year the couple comes here to celebrate their

 love .

beside the sparkling lake, and underneath the beautiful sky.







She Silently Cries


A tear rolls down her face and falls to the floor.

 He touched her heart in a way

noone has ever done.

 All she wants to do is be with him, make

his loniless go away.

 Her heart goes out to him, she's trying her hardest

to make him see she is going to be there for him.

 She silently cries, for she can do nothing to ease his


 She silently cries, for she can not hold him in

her arms.

 She silently cries, for she has fallen in love

with him.


Her soul has been wounded, she cilently cries, for she

 wants to be able to lay within the safety of his arms.

She silently cries, for she wants to love him,

 him to love her.

She wants to cuddle up to him within the solitude of his

 warm body.

She silently cries.