Small Animal Dentistry            


Our practice is dedicated to the highest quality dentistry, oral surgery and anesthesia for our patients. We are committed to client and patient care and compassion. We understand they are members of your family.

Dentistry for Animals provides state-of-the-art dental care for dogs and cats. Commonly preformed procedures include periodontal treatment (ultrasonic scaling and polishing), oral radiography, root canal therapy, oral and maxillofacial surgery, vital pulp therapy and restorative dentistry (crowns). We also provide jaw fracture repair, tissue regeneration (bone grafts), and orthodontics.

In addition to a thorough pre-anesthetic assessment, we monitor patients closely while under anesthesia. This includes monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, electrical activity of the heart (ECG), respiration, exhaled carbon dioxide (ETCO2), blood oxygenation (pulseOx), arterial blood gases, and blood glucose. All our patients have IV catheters, receive intravenous fluids, and are kept warm with a convection heat patient warming system. Anesthetic safety is one of our primary concerns.

Every patient receives a thorough oral exam, dental charting, and oral radiographs.

Examples of Treatable Conditions and Procedures

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