Green Corn Tamale Casserole


3     eggs, separated
1 Cup Half&Half
1-1/2 Cup Masa Harina
1 tsp Salt
3 tbs Butter
8     ears of White Sweet Corn
3     jalepenas (chopped)
1 tsp baking Powder
2 cans green chiles (8 oz can) sliced lengthwise
1/2 lb mild/medium chedar/colby cheese shredded
1/2 lb mild/medium chedar/colby cheese sliced

  Serves 6



You can use less or more jalepeno peppers for a milder or spicier version.

Total preparation time is about 45 minutes.


When I grew up in Tucson Arizona, a highlite of the summer was the start of the season for fresh white sweet corn that is used to make Green Corn Tamales. It was always one of my favorite Mexican dishes but for some reason it was a very local dish and is almost never found on the menu in California. Making tamales is too much work but by finding recipes on the web for Green Corn tamales and tamale casseroles and taking ideas from each one, I have come up with this recipe which is pretty close to what I remember Green Corn tamales tasted like. Enjoy!