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MailFaces - Java Mail Application

Do you often check your mail only to find that there is no new mail or only new "junk" mail? Do you wish that you could know when just mail from important people had arrived?

MailFaces is a Java application that watches a users inbox on a Mail Server and displays a unique icon when mail arrives from a known user or organization. It interfaces to the PIcon database that contains thousands of icons for individuals and organizations. For example, if mail arrives from, it will query the PIcon database and display Bill Gates' image if it is found. If it is not found, then it will put up the icon for

The user can also specify that images located locally or on other Web sites, be shown for their frequent e-mailers. Also the user can specify audio files that will be played when mail arrives.

You can also specify that mail from selected addresses be extracted into a "short text message" and be sent to your cell phone.

Here you see what the MailFaces window looks like on Windows 95. Assume that this user had associated an image of a bike with one frequent correspondent and an image of a parrot with another. The window shows that this mailbox has 5 pieces of mail waiting; one from the bike rider, 2 from the bird lover, one from somebody at IBM and one from the author of MailFaces.

MailFaces Version 2.1.4 is now available (April 2002).

For more information on how to download and use MailFaces, refer to the MailFaces Online Help

POP3 Java Class

A long time ago, I wrote a POP3 class that handles the client interface to a POP3 Mail server. All of the client commands described in RFC 1725 and RFC 1939 are supported.

The POP3 classes have recently been enhanced by Stefano Locati: You can get the latest version from his website.

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