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Picture of Kona This is Kona down at the beach. Kona comes originally from somewhere in Missouri and then moved with his original owners to Santa Cruz. For some reason, Kona ran away from home and ended up in the SPCA kennels, where I found him. We became immediate friends and when the original owners told the SPCA that they did not want Kona back, I was overjoyed to take him home.

Kona was listed with the SPCA as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever but that seems to be widely discounted. His old owners had him listed as a Lab mix and one dog trainer claims that he has a lot of Akita in him.


Picture of Kona

The name Kona, comes from his black coat with tinges of Brown. One can imagine that he is Kona coffee bean colored. Another reason for the name was that we had recently returned from a vacation snorkeling with the dolphins in Kealakekua Bay on the Kona Coast of Hawaii.

Picture of Kona

Here is another boring picture of Kona and I at the beach volleyball courts.

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Chilipepper  A Red Lored Amazon parrot that also sometimes hangs out at the volleyball court.

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