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Question - Why does the proper icon not show up?

Almost all of the questions that I get are some variation of this question.

Question - MailFaces works fine at home but not on my computer at work. Why?

The network where you work is very likely behind some type of "firewall" that is designed to protect against hackers. Unfortunately it sometimes gets in your way also. There are some possible solutions depending on your firewall configuration. You may need the help of a system administrator to make any sense of the following.

Question - Why doesn't SelectAfter work with my "" addresses?

The Picon Database has "Flag" icons for almost all of the "contry" hostnames like .de, .ch etc. So if you are residing in Germany, for example, then all of your mail from other German locations will be found in the PIcon Database and show the German flag and the SelectAfter modes will never be found. The PIconDefer statement can be used to solve this problem. "PiconDefer de" will cause it to search and retreive the "de" icon but it will not be used unless the search of the SelectAfter statements fails to find a match.

Question - Can I have MailFaces show the user/node instead of the "?" icon when it does not find any other match?

Yes, this feature was added in Version 2.0. You need to uncomment the "BuildImageURL" statement in the .opt file so that it will specify a blank icon that is used to contain the userid and the last 2 quaifiers of the host name. Then any mail that does not find a match using the Select statements or the Picon database, will result in the display of icon with from: header information. For example, mail from would look like this:

As is the case in FAQ 3, you don't want it to pick up the default icons for commonly occuring nodes such as *.net so you would want to suppress these using one or more "PiconDefer" statements.

Question - What are the known problems with the current version of MailFaces - 2.1.5

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