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MailFaces is a Java application that will watch your Mail Server mailbox and display a set of images that represent for each mail, the originator of the e-mail. It will also allow you to filter your mail for SPAM and group it under a single Icon where it can be easily deleted. It also provides support for Email notification to your cellphone and the ability to copy or move e-mail to another Mail server.

It will periodically examine the mail waiting at a Mail Server and if new mail has arrived, it will display an Icon that represents the sender of the Mail. It makes use of the PIcon DataBase which contains thousands of images representing computer users and organizations. If multiple e-mails are received from the same person it will display the updated count in the corner of the image. By default, it will use the "userid@host" from the Mail "From:" header and search the PIcon Database for a matching image of that userid at that host. If no image of a user is found, it will try to find an image for the host domain. But the user can override this to select unique images to be displayed based on information from any of the Mail headers.

Here you see what the MailFaces window looks like on a Windows system. Assume that this user had associated an image of a bike with one frequent correspondent and an image of a parrot with another. The window shows that this mailbox has 5 pieces of mail waiting; one from the bike rider, 2 from the bird lover, one from somebody at IBM and one from the author of MailFaces.

The user can also specify a sound file that will be played when mail arrives from a specific user and/or a default sound that will be played when any new mail arrives.

MailFaces can also eliminate the time consuming retrieval of unwanted or unsolicited mail. You can specify special filters that will group mail from selected sites or that contain key phrases in the subject line onto a special "Kill" button. You can then select and optionally delete the mail directly from the server. You can also have it deleted automatically.

The user can also select mail for which they would like to have a notification sent to their cellphone. MailFaces will extract the sender of the mail, the subject line and as much text as will fit in a SMS Short message (Usually 160 characters). This will be sent to the user's cellphone using the server provided by the cellular provider.

You can also specify that selected mail be copied or moved to another Mail Server. This is useful if you have another email account that you use from a mobile device. You can select only mail from specific individuals or locations be forwarded automatically to this account.

MailFaces is somewhat loosly based on a Unix X Window program named XFACES. and makes use of the PIcon DataBase that is maintained by Steve Kinzler

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