"NST is nothing short of genius, whole body systems are affected, and often in surprising ways. The body mapping systems and patterns of moves are elegant and profound."

- Joseph Mercola, D.O.,
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.


"Since you did the NST procedures with me, I've noticed some rather strange things; it seems like I'm unwinding. That is, it seems like I often have little pains that don't last long, but these pains seem to remind me of experiences in my past. Then they go away. It seems like unresolved issues are being brought forward to re-experience and to be let go."

- Steve Richardson


"Kathryn's NST treatment restores the body to its innate sense of well-being."

- Madelyn Keller, Relaxation Resources


"What I like about Kathryn's work is that its simple and direct. It gives the body cues so it can do its own healing."

- Illianna Culver-Dufford,
creator of Body Energy and Sound Therapy


"My whole family has benefitted from Kathryn's NST treatments. We have brought her chronic pain, herniated disc, pinched sciatic nerve, headaches, and even a case of hives. All of which have been helped, healed and resolved by her mastery of the NST techniques and her calm, loving presence."

- Barbara Vautier

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