Based on the work of Tom Bowen, the NeuroStructural-integration Technique (NST) is a dynamic and subtle soft tissue therapy which activates the body's innate healing wisdom. This causes a comprehensive reorganization of every major muscle and joint system, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system function. The result ultimately culminates in lasting and accelerated relief from pain and dysfunction as well as increased energy. More details about this therapy are available here. Bowenwork can help elicit the relaxation response in mesothelioma cancer patients ( to help lessen the side effects associated with traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

is powerful energy work designed to reeducate the mind and body through energizing specific points and using personal affirmations. The technique works to gently and efficiently release fears, phobias, anger, grief, depression, limitations, and other negative emotions. EFT can be easily incorporated into a session and taught to clients for their personal future use.



Artisan distilled HYDROSOLS, the water soluble components of organic, aromatic plants, are distilled in small batches with love and care. These aromatic mists are less intense than essential oils and have a wide range of applications. Uses include: as a compress, in a bath, after bath body mist, added to any lotion, cream or gel to enhance healing, to remove make-up, as a facial toner, in a mask, scrub or steam, added to shampoos and conditioners, and to refresh your face and body anytime. The culinary herbs can also be added to plain water to enhance taste and add a boost to the immune system. One tablespoon per eight ounces is recommended, or to taste. To discover my growing product line go to


Integrative Massage

includes applying oil to soothe tired, achy muscles, relax and revitalize the body. A variety of techniques are applied including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, stretching and Reiki. This form of work also assists the body in eliminating toxins. It fulfills the need for touch often missing in a strictly allopathic approach to health.


Stem Enhance
supporting the natural release of adult stem cells

As we age, all of our processes begin to slow down. This includes the ability of our bone marrow to produce the master cells, which are needed daily to repair and replace worn out cells. These master cells, adult stem cells, travel throughout the body to support optimal organ and tissue function. Stem Enhance has been shown in clinical trials to increase the release of our own stem cells by 25-30%. Learn more at:


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