927 K


The episode that started off the series.

1,726 K

Phantasy II

Picks up right where the first episode leaves off.

3,130 K

Phantasy III

The plot thickens, and new twists and characters emerge.

2,683 K

Phantasy IV

Friendly natives, a dragon, and the pirate king!

2,554 K

Phantasy V

A new parrot, return of the pirate king, a whale, and a sea monster.

1,391 K

Phantasy VI

Treasure and deception at an isolated monastary.

8,822 K

Phantasy VII

A new island, with some strange idolatry, and an alliance is born.

1,638 K

Phantasy VII - Mute

The same cartoon, but no music and dial-up friendly.

4,660 K

Phantasy VIII

It's suddenly dangerous to be a pirate! (Unless you have a couple of parrots.)

2,937 K

Phantasy IX

Here there be Druids, and the parrots prove themselves adept at transdimensional shapeshifting!

134 K

You vs. The Dragons

A quick little spin-off game, starring you. And dragons.

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