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celtic snake  border
celtic snake border
Presenting a series of very special works
celtic snake border
The Renaissance Faire that I participate in has a traditions of masterpiece competition once per faire. The work is judge by other craftspeople considered masters of their crafts. Each year that I enter this competition I try to make a masterwork of the year. I try to incorporate the new things I am learning and techniques that I am exploring. I have won awards but even the pieces that are not given an award are my years masterwork. The printing dyeing and coloring take many many hours to complete. I want to present a small gallery of these works.
In keeping with the way a person might learn their craft I studied my woodcut print making from every aspect that I could .
  • I learned about making paper.
  • I learned how to mull my own ink from pigment and oil.
  • I took a course in forging and tool making and made tools for myself.
  • I cut and planed some wood in my fathers shop to carve a block with.
  • I learned to dye the cloth when I started printing on cloth.(Thank you to my mentor, Diane Longdo of the Dyespot!)
  • I learned to gather natural materials and use dyes that the Elizabethans might have used.
Note: I do not do all of this for each piece of course. I try to provide the appropriate techniques for each type of work I am doing. Proceon dyes simply hold their color better on cotton.

Blessed Be

Celtic on Cloth/ Washburn Woodcuts
celtic snake border

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