Baroque Big Band!
1992, Trinity Presbyterian Church & Cowell College UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

  This concert illustrated the birth of early orchestral music with an ensemble including vocals, violins, sackbuts, cornett, and organ. Much of the music was played from newly-transcribed versions of the original texts, and because of the dynamic combination of strings, brass and more -- became the "Big Band!" concert.

  Among the pieces performed by the Funks were two remarkable eight-part sonatas by the Venetian composer Francesco Usper (b. ca.1565? - 1641). The original manuscripts for this music were in a European collection prior to World War II and wer completely destroyed or lost as a result of wartime hostilities. The music survives today only because the famed musicologist Alfred Einstein made a handwritten copy for his personal reference in 1902. The Funks obtained a microfilm copy of Einstein's notes from the collection of his papers at Smith College, and used a computer music program to create a legible score and parts for performance purposes.

  Featured compositions and composers were:

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