Old Music for a New Downtown
Renaissance Music for the Renaissance of Downtown

Pacific Garden Mall, April 1993, Santa Cruz, CA

  Four years after the devastating 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake rattled downtown Santa Cruz to pieces, merchants, citizens, families, musicians and absolutely everyone came together to once again celebrate the heart of the city!

  As part of the day-long celebration marking the rebirth of downtown, the Funks performed joyful ceremonial music of the late Renaissance period, just as it would have been played in that era for such a memorable civic occasion. Among the composers represented were Anthony Holborne, Johannes Pezel, Gottfried Reiche, John Adson, Adriano Banchieri, and Andrea Gabrieli, all of whom were active during the 1600s. The works of Reiche and Pezel belong to a distinctive style known as "tower music," intended to be played from town hall towers throughout Germany for the enjoyment of the general public.

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