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The A-26 Invader Fights in the Pacific, Page 3

Heading West to Hawaii, Page 3

May 10, 1945 - Today we did nothing but process - the first thing done when arriving at any field. But this processing was a little different. Instead of checking in and getting yourself straightened out on the field, they were getting our records and stuff and us ready for overseas shipment. They were very efficient; the most efficient field I have ever been on. They put us through with the 319th BG and therefore we felt pretty certain that we were to be with them. I for one was darn glad of it. I can't say as much for the other seven crews. Clothing check, drew equipment in afternoon.

Tonight I went into town with Tom [Thomas L.] Lorbeer and Gene [P.] Ryan. We got into town around 1730 and the first thing we looked for was a place to get a short snort before we ate. We found a good place to eat before we found a bar, so we ate first. As soon as we were finished eating we headed straight for the "Dream Room" in the Savannah Hotel. Several hours were spent there drinking Four Roses and ginger ale. Not wishing to spend the whole evening in one place we left the Dream Room and started looking for some other bar.

We didn't get more than two blocks when we were surrounded by five women. They were selling tickets to a band rally dance. Naturally we bought tickets to the dance thing, on the condition that the five women would go back to the dance with us. It was being held in one of the other hotels, the name of which I can't remember. We didn't know quite what to expect when we got there, feared the worst. When we got inside our worries were over. The first thing that met our eyes was a well stocked bar, and beyond the bar a large dance floor filled with women.

The three drinks I had at the bar were just enough to set me off. Tom and Gene wouldn't dance, but they practically pushed me into the arms of a nice little brunette (whose name I can't remember). While I was dancing two women picked up Tom and Gene and the six of us went downstairs to the Hotel tap room and had a few more drinks, and sat around talking. We were supposed to be in by midnight, so at a quarter of one suggested we leave.

Much to my surprise, one of the women had a car (nice!). When we got to my girl's house she discovered she had forgotten her key, so we had to wake her mother. The little brunette wanted me to meet her in town the following day for lunch, but that was impossible, so I told her I would call her. She was really a darn swell girl and nice looking. The other girls took us out to the base and then went home (I think).

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