These Musicians Referral pages are for finding musicians

in Santa Cruz County.  Use this to find people

to jam with, to form a band,  if you need a sub in your band, 

if you’d be available to sub, if you need a teacher, if you teach,

if you need a group  to play at an event,   etc. etc.


It is set up by INSTRUMENT type-


PIANO, keys...

TRUMPET,  brass

SAX, Winds

DRUMS, percussion






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                         Santa Cruz MUSICIANS Referral Directory






Martan Mann


Piano, Flute, Vocals

(408) 234-2364




july 2015




Josh Salesin

PIANO, Hammond B3 Organ, Rhodes, Clavinet, Electronic Keyboards & Synths

10+ years playing jazz, blues, funk, rock, latin and world beat.

Available for studio and live projects, individually or with ensemble

Continually seeking established musicians, preferably 30s or older, who view music as an art. Especially interested to connect with guitarist, drummers, and saxophonists who share a passion for the organ trio format. Also on the lookout for a Cuban Son project!

Contact: (Eight-three-one) 588-8726


july 2015





Steve Duerson.

I have been playing piano for over 40 years.

 I'm in a jazz band that plays every Wed. night at the Bayview Hotel.

 Also play in another group from time to time at Ella's Restaurant at the Watsonville Airport

 and a wine and coffee bar in Santa Cruz called Zizzo's.


 I can be reached at 650-303-9726 or



August 2015






VIBES, MalletKat, Synthesizers,  Tenor & Soprano Sax





I mostly spend time producing and composing in the studio but like to get out and jam once in a while.

I play all types of urban music including jazz, blues, R&B, funk, techno & pop.






Sound Cloud: Listen to or download my songs here;



july 2015



Name: Joseph 


Instruments: B3 Organ/Piano/Keyboard/Vocal/Composer




Phone: 954-695-7290


Wide variety of musical interests. Pro attitude,experience & gear.



Jan 2016



TRUMPET,  brass


Trumpet/ Flugelhorn/ Valve Trombone


While trained as a big band lead trumpet player, most of my actual work

is done in the rock, punk, ska, reggae, pop and brass band genres.

I studied at Cabrillo College and San Francisco State University where

I honed my skills as a solid section player and as an outstanding sight reader.


I provide trumpet and also horn sections for various studio recording and live performance projects, leading my group, the Pleasure Point Horns. Currently, I play with the White Album Ensemble, American Idol finalist James Durbin's Destroy the Night band, The Beggar Kings (a Rolling Stones tribute band), Tingly (a ska punk band who has opened for the Foo Fighters) and  3-time Grammy Award winner Ken Emerson and his Hawaiian-surf-reggae project.

831-239-6322 cell

831-662-3368 home


july 2015



SAX, flute, clarinet, other wind instruments






 Steve Newman


Main instrsument-  Tenor Sax

Other instruments-  Soprano sax, Clarinet,

                                     Bass Clarinet, Flute, recorders



I usually play in combos that i lead with

piano or guitar, bass, drums  and sometimes vocalist.

I have led a jazz combo  STEVE'S   JAZZ   KITCHEN

for 15 years, playing weekly in local bars and restaurants

and occasional parties and benefits.

  ( I also play classical flute, clarinet and recorders).


Contact info-




-  July 9 2015


Joe Presti

Tenor Sax



Like to play Jazz Standards and willing to learn new songs.  Been playing sax for 2 years and regularly attend the Jazz Workshop through City of Santa Cruz Parks and Rec. as well as the Jazz Jam at Bocci’s on Sundays and Jerry’s Front Pocket on Mondays in Santa Cruz. Consider myself an intermediate player, not a pro, yet!  Love to improvise or play as written. Available to practice with others who want to learn and work up the skills to perform live shows.


JULY 2015



Christina / tenor sax:

I have played alto, bari, soprano and tenor saxes, flute and Bb clarinet in various Cabrillo College bands
 and I can be found at the local jams to improvise, and to dance.

I have a history of performing Cante por Flamenco, palmas, guitar, in Spain and the US, and teach this, as well as dance of many forms, such as Sevillanas, and I love to teach music or dance to kids of all ages. And play G clarinet for Middle-Eastern Djile Romane, sing and play tar as well.

I'd love to focus now on playing more tasty jazz in a band, especially lively bebop, latin, and soulful blues, mixed with perhaps with a dash of Hijaz jazz taqsim (improv.) I can play high-energy, as well as very laid-back, quiet styles.


​831 708 8444


July 2015

DRUMS, percussion


Name:  Jim Greiner

Instruments: Percussion; congas, bongos, djembe, doumbek, cajon, udu, timbales, shekere and other shakers, tambourine, cowbells and other hand percussion

Contact:  831-462-3786

Web Sites:

Bio: I've been playing percussion for over 35 years, including two years in Africa where I was profoundly moved by the power of rhythm to uplift and unify people.  I play all types of contemporary popular musical styles.  I played worldwide for 20 years with one of America's top corporate events bands, and at festivals with a number of headlining bands, at thousands of clubs, and for CD, TV and Film recording sessions.  I am an endorser/clinician for LP (Latin Percussion), Sabian Cymbals, ProMark Drumsticks, Gibraltar Drum Hardware, Audix Microphones and Factory Metal Percussion.  "I'm here to serve the Groove!"


JULY 2015


Tom Leitzke


Tom Leitzke, drummer


408 309-9073


   July 2015



Jae Pasari


Main Instrument: drum set


other instruments: electronic drums, dununs, djembe


contact info:


Straight ahead, fusion, funk, jazztronica, hip hop, world, and all things odd times.

 20 years experience. Access to jam/studio space in Santa Cruz.

 More interested in making amazing music than making money, but not opposed to money. 


july 2015






Don Jacobs

cell 360-931-2323

Email -


Blues drummer.  Been in a number of bands over the years. 

Have experience gigging.  Blues is my favorite but rock,

reggae, country, funk are all good. 

As long as I only have to count to four! 

Samples upon request.   



July 2015




Name:  Jim Daulton


Instrument: Drumset  and vocals - lite guitar

Experience: nightclubs, recording, concerts, former Top40 road warrior, active in Santa Cruz area presently


Will accept gigs from SF to Monterey.  Country, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock

Contact:  831/252-6387



july 2015




Bill Van Bloom
Main Instrument: Drums

contact info:  831.246.0721

Sympathetic propulsion for standards, be-bop, latin, swing and improvised experiments. 

15+ years of jazz gigging in and around Santa Cruz. Backing for singers is a specialty.



july 2015





          Drum Set & Percussion


july 2015



Milledge Bennett

Percussionist and Native American Flutes

Percussion: congas, bongos, cajon, djembe, doumbek, frame drums , udu, timbales, shekere, shakers, tambourine, and cowbells. Electronic Percussion:  Korg wave drum sampler

Native flutes: Traditional, Anasazi and cane flutes pitched F#, C, G, A, D, and ceramic call whistles

Groups and performances: Percussionist Portland Groove Collective, Steve's Jazz Kitchen, ABC TV show "Sunday Morning" native flute player for the education feature Class of 2000: The Native Americans, Santa Fe Native Roots and Rhythm festival with Kim Park quartet featuring Karrin Allyson (guest percussionist and solo flute performance), Solo Native American Flute performances  - US, Japan, France and United Arab Emirates, percussionist various Ethnic Music ensembles and Live Musical Theater productions – San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Santa Cruz and Santa Fe.

Styles and influences: Traditional Jazz (percussion and traps), Improvisation ensembles, American and ethnic folk bands (traps, percussion and backup vocals)

Educational School assemblies:  on the tradition of the Native American flute and Native American culture

Availability: interested in local full-time gig (jazz trio, quartet, working with guitarists, improvisation ensemble, group work, cafes, clubs, restaurants, etc.), events (weddings, musical theater, etc.), school assemblies, and travel gigs

August 2015





Patrick McGinty: electric bass: blues favored, but can play classic rock and funk.

I have pro gear. In my 60's and have a mellow disposition.




John Hyde

Guitar (electric and acoustic)

831-295-0342 (cell),  408-554-6945(work)


Straight ahead, Bop, Cool, Third Stream,

Bossa Nova, Latin in general,  big band,

 Have experience in most guitar styles



july 2015



Main Instrument: 7-string Guitar
Other instruments: Electric & Acoustic Bass, voice, percussion, drumset
Contact info:
I've performed with Stan Getz, Kansas City Joe Turner, Jonathan Richman &

   The Modern Lovers, Steve Forbert, etc.
2 gold records.
I'm hoping to connect with individuals of any instrument and any level of ability

 who aspire to excellence, not mediocrity or drug-induced euphoria.



July 2015





Cary Nichols



1st instrument - Jazz World Music Guitarist Composer


2nd instrument - upright electric 5 string bassist mostly with classic Arabic music, some jazz music


Interested mostly in original music workshop settings where performances come from the development and presentation of original music in club, house, or other venue concerts.


Consideration for other performance settings also considered.


Currently working with Elias Lammam's (master microtonal accordianist) various Arabic music ensembles.


july 2015





Marc Schwartz: Jazz guitar, Gypsy Jazz guitar, 7 string Jazz guitar


Over the years,  Marc has performed with many top level jazz musicians including jazz guitar greats Larry Coryell and Bruce Forman. As the bandleader of Hot Club Pacific ( Marc has managed one of the longest running pro level jazz combos in Santa Cruz. With skills ranging from solo jazz guitar to advanced sight reading and a knowledge of hundreds of tunes, Marc is a perfect candidate for any job where a top notch, pro level jazz guitarist is needed.  Contact info: 831-818-3156 or email at:


july 2015




Pablo Riviere

Brazilian music guitar & vocals. Gigs in different configurations (solo, duos, trios, etc.)

See website for current duo:

Always looking for local musicians that know Brazilian music for gigs & recording.


(650) 906-0457







Paul Trigg




JULY 2015



Liam Wald, Bassist.
Play most all styles and want to join working band.
History, photos, videos and contact info on website;


july 2015






Bruce Doran



Jazz, rock, blues, R&B, Funk...

Available for new projects, sub work.

831 566-8018


Aug. 2015




Herbert S. Daly



Main Instrument: Electric bass

Other instruments: guitar, percussion, harmony vocals





Bio: Electric bassist, specialist in reggae, also experienced in west and central African music, rock, soul and country. The bass defines the music and the rhythm in reggae; it's important to have a bassist with the knowledge and experience (four decades) to give the music an authentic sound and feel. Available for recording sessions, subbing and lessons in reggae bass and guitar performance and history.


August 2015







I play upright and electric bass and sing.  

Classical, jazz and funk mostly but I'm pretty versatile.


more info & contact info:


Sept 2015



I play bass guitar and also standup bass.  I have excellent equipment, including a fine, fully carved double bass.

I have played in rock bands for many years, but now I am interested in jazz and swing, and I am studying the latter.  I currently play bass in the Cats Swing Band, a Big Band organized by Los Gatos Recreation.  I have played with the Cats for a year and a half, and my knowledge of jazz bass has improved greatly in that time period.   I understand music theory well and I read notes. 

The band has around 14 members, sax players, trumpets and trombones, a clarinet, an excellent drummer, guitarist and me on bass.  I play both bass guitar and standup bass with the band.

I consider myself an intermediate but serious student of jazz, and looking to take my playing to the next level.  I am looking for other jazz musicians who want to jam and practice and eventually gig.  These musicians do not have to be experts – I am not one yet, either.

Gary Waltrip

Hollister, CA

(408) 427-2849 Cell









I play accordion, country guitar, and pedal steel guitar. Played in many bands, been a musician for 50 years.


Accordion-50 years-can play in bands, but mostly enjoy solo restaurant or private party gigs.


Guitar-country style, 45 years


Pedal Steel-20 years


Looking for students and gigs.

 I have played solo for many different venues,

I play with an emphasis on traditional Italian folk songs,

what you might want at a restaurant.

Not loud polkas, but beautiful background accordion.


Aaron Wayne







Suki Wessling (guitar, vocals) and Jen Bruno (percussion)


play jazz standards, rock, folk, and some other random things thrown in for variety.

We like to have other musicians join us for a song or two each month.

If you play a lead instrument or are a singer who likes to harmonize,

we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at



March, 2017






Ron Kaplan sings and plays well with others from a duo to a sextet configuration on his eight recordings on Kapland Records

Genre: Great American Songbook and Jazz Standards repertoire 

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California  contact: 831 687-0278 email:


July 2015



Jeannine Bonstelle 


Vocalist - Bossa Nova , Great American Songbook and Jazz ..


831- 809 -9142 


I have studied and have sung jazz for over 30 years.. Studied at Cabrillo College, California Jazz Conservatory in Jazz Vocal Performance, Community Music School ( formally the JazzSchool in Berkeley), attended various jazz camps and workshops with teachers such as Kitty Margolis, Karin Allison, Kate McGarry, Janice Borla and Laurie Antonioli to name a few. I held a gig at the Aquarius Lounge at the Dream Inn for a year and a half and have performed weekly at Gabriella Cafe downtown Santa Cruz since 2008. I was selected to perform at Jazz on the Wharf for 2015.



july 2015




Joy Rush


831 246 0349

I sing primarily jazz standards in public and Christian rock at church.  I enjoy listening to most music.  I’ve been singing with Joy of Jazz for about 6 years.  Prior to that, I sang in the shower, the car and on the Karaoke stage.  I’m available as a vocalist for other jazz or swing bands.  My band is available for private parties or public venues.


july 2015



Frank Garcia




contact info: email -  ph#831-459-9238


I enjoy American Songbook and have sung locally for a dozen years, mostly with jazzA, a jazz based quartet I formed in 2003. Our music is intended as a well made complement to good conversation and shared meals, made up of mostly vocals interspersed with jazz instrumentals. We have enjoyed playing for many benefits in the Bay Area, as well as restaurants and coffeehouses.


August 2015




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SEPT. 2015

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