This page is for listing corrections to entries in Modern Roses XI. Please email your corrections to me in a simple text format which I can copy and paste onto this page. Include your email address, and a reference for the correction. As this is a Heritage Rose website, I am only collecting corrections for roses from before WWII. If another rose enthusiast wishes to provide a corrections page for Post WWII Roses on another site, I will provide a link here for it.

From Patsy on theroselist website:
The president of our local rose Society in Rhode Island, Mike Chute, noticed that MR11 mistakenly attributes all of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Brownell's roses to their son H. C. Brownell, whom he says only contributed a limited number of roses. In MR10, all of Dr. Brownell's roses just say Brownell after them, while his son' s specify Brownell, H.C.

From Bill Grant:
1. Pic of R. sinowilsonii on the CD is wrong. The rose is white, large, with outstanding stamens
2. R. webbiana is R. sertata? What's that?
3. R. banksiae banksiae is the wrong picture. Picture appears to be R. banksia lutea
4. Geschwind roses that are improperly assigned to Lambert:
Parkzierde and Gipsy Boy/Zigeunerknabe
5. Kordesii is not a species
6. What is mini-flora?
7. Please define Misc.OGR
8. p.xii - 1867 OGR (problem: 'La France' is not the first HT)
9. p.xiv - Modern Roses??
10. p. 1 - A & A. Note the use of periods - why?

From Jill Perry:
Flying Colors, listed as extinct, photo in Cox, 1999
I can't find listings for these:
Agathe Royale (Philips & Rix, 1988)
La Petite Renoncule (Fagan)
Bengale Centfuilles (San Jose Heritage Rose Garden)
Le Bengale Animating (or animée) (ditto)
La Bengale Oeillet (can't find source, found Bermuda)

From Kerrie in Australia, an explanation of Hay. Hay is listed as a breeder on the CD and in the book, but it's actually a place:
Hay is a town in New South Wales, Australia. There is a collection of old roses from a place there called the Bishop's Lodge. In MRXI it should be like this: (Hay)

From Ann on the gardenweb antique rose forum:
There are CORRECTIONS TO MRXI published in the October 2000 American Rose. Green Rose is now a HCh(Hybrid China and Climbing Hybrid China) R. chinensis is corrected from HCh to Sp. R. gallica is corrected from HGal to Sp. and if you do minis: Cachet (TUCkach) is changed from a miniflora back to a mini. I posted this because so many people use Green Rose in fall shows and some judges are sticklers for accuracy in class designation.

From Jim Turner
Errors in Modern Roses XI:

1. The hybridizer of 'Susan Louise' is listed as Dr. Neil Adams, who began registering roses in 1981. 'Susan Louise' was actually raised by Charles Adams and introduced in 1929. (Sources: Tom Liggett, San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, Steve McCulloch, a close friend of the late Dr. Neil Adams.)

2. The parentage of 'Belle Portugaise' is listed as R. gigantea X Reine Marie Henriette. The hybridizer, H. Cayeux, wrote in 1929 in the Journal of Heredity that the parentage was Souvenir de Leonie Viennot x R. gigantea. Cayeux also wrote that 'Etoile de Portugal' (not listed in MR11) had the parents that MR11 attributes to 'Belle Portugaise'.

3. R. californica plena is not a species and is probably not an offspring of R. californica. R. californica is tetraploid (has 28 chromosomes), while R. californica plena is diploid (has 14 chromosomes). Perhaps R. californica plena's wild parent was R. woodsii ultramontana (formerly known as R. californica ultramontana). R. woodsii ultramontana is a diploid species native to California.

4. Hon A. Norton should be listed as a Tea rather than as a Hybrid Tea. It is a sport of Mme Lombard which is a Tea.