Many old roses can be found growing with no care throughout Santa Cruz County. In an effort to locate and identify these strong survivors, the purpose of this page is to keep a list of found old roses- their locations and identities. If you find an old rose that is not on this list, please send an e-mail with an exact location, so we can add it to the list. Most old roses receiving no care can be found on abandoned properties, vacant lots, growing on fences, marking property lines or along roads, or near older homes. I have seen quite a few growing out of hedges. Many of these roses are endangered by development, so it is important that they be identified, and if uncommon, they need to be propagated so that unusual roses are not lost.


Fortune's Double Yellow Freedom Blvd @ Day Valley Rd; Forest of Nisene Marks
Dorothy Perkins Many locations throughtout county
Claire Jacquier Several locations, best is on Old San Jose Rd. just past Mountain School.
Lamarque Wharf Rd. near overpass; Near magnolias just south of Rio del Mar
freeway interchange; corner of Seabright and Winsor
Silver Moon many locations
Cecille Brunner many locations
Lady Banks Wharf Rd. Capitola
Mermaid 12th Ave, Santa Cruz
Snowbird Harvey West Park
Clytemnestra 38th Ave near Reposa
Dr. Huey very common, due to use as a rootstock
Tausendshoen Rispin Mansion, Capitola
Dr. W. Van Fleet Rispin Mansion, Capitola
American Pillar many locations
Niles Cochet at least 6 plants, Seabright and Live Oak areas, and west side Santa Cruz
cl. Miss All-American Beauty common in Pleasure Point area
Belle Portugaise many locations
Rose of Castille Arana Gulch Park
Francois Juranville Portola Dr., Live Oak area
Sombreuil Park Ave., Capitola; Live Oak Ranch
Alberic Barbier East Cliff Dr., Pleasure Point area
R. californica Evergreen Cemetery; near many creeks and seeps; Wilder Ranch
R. roxburgii Wilder Ranch
Red Run-Around Was at Branciforte Adobe, Santa Cruz; near Gaffey Rd in Watsonville;
Cowell Fence, High St, UCSC
Etoile de Lyon Branciforte Dr., near freeway overpass