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Hetch Hetchy Valley – a grand landscape garden (2011) John Muir. 4 ½ by 5 3/8. 5 illustrations.

The text is a quote by John Muir talking about the grandeur of the Hetch Hechy Valley in Yosemite, before it was flooded and dammed. (From The Yosemite: 1912). The book is hand written, on Peter's handmade paper, by Donna using her personal calligraphic face, in multicolor blue and gree inks with rubricated inital letters and opening words. There are five landscape watercolor paintings. Donna carries paints and paper with her when backpacking, and these paintings were all made on a trip in the Hetch Hechy Valley in 2010. The text and illustrations are held to the page and framed by tree branch-like silhouette cut outs. The pages have been made into an accordion by "blanket-stitching" together separate folio sheets. The book has a full leather binding, blue goat covers and a green goat spine, with a leather onlay picture of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir inset on the front cover. The book is housed in a clamshell box covered in decorative handmade paper, with a blue goat leather spine and the title in a panel on the front cover. Handmade paper made by Peter Thomas. $750.



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