He's coming again and
I can't seem to resist
all that sperm stored
up for me. I can see the
bulges in both sides
of his body, his love
juice throbbing about
to ease up thru his
cute little prick.
he seems to like my smell.
He's been following me
closer. I've always
wanted to do it in
the air, be in some of those
clubs where you rack up
points for all the
times you come flying,
suspended. I've heard with
some bugs, the man
squirts his sperm on a
thread and then the woman
squats and kind of grovels
over them. Hardly sounds
like fun. Some have a little
pouch in their belly
those baby sperm move thru the
lining off to doze. What a
trip. I like it our
way. I like having to eat
just what I want to
to make enough good yoke
for what he's putting up
inside of me and I think
that jutting out part
of him is nice too