First of all, you schmuck, I have done nothing to Jack except give him
advice that he is the company he keeps. The war between Nick and Jack is
Bohr v Bohm, that's great! That is how progress is made in this world,
it's friendly and healthy. You are the problem. How dare you. Judge Not
Lest Ye Be Judged. You are a bloodsucking bastard who is the bottom-feeder
of all life, and that is not me judging you, you have given this name to
yourself. You discredit yourself. You are the human dust.

Go back to writing obituaries, you second-rate
historian-who-murders-history-in-the-name-of-your-own-desire. Here's my
wish for you: May the Love you take be equal to the Love you make.
Ha! Btw, you look terrible for only being, like, 52. Lies make people ugly.

I may look terrible but I'm on TV every day, and they make me up, so I don't
need to worry, just like I don't listen to hos that stop my limo on the
street. Driver, keep going!

"Herbalist" is a skank ho hanging with Nazi scum. Time to flush these people
out, Jack.

Herbalist, I wouldn't fuck you, skanky. I wouldn't even wipe an animal's ass
with you, for fear of infection.

Isn't it sad to be a nobody hiding behind a screen name? Didn't it make you
feel empowered to go on the net and pretend you were somebody? But you
aren't. You are nothing.

I know who I am. I know people love me. I know I am beautiful. You make
pathetic attempts to insult. Your words are not true, so they mean nothing
to me, but the pain within you glistens. Your words reflect your
perception of yourself.

Well let history judge which of us is human dust. You are a nobody who hides
behind a screen name. I am a well known author who doesn't hide behind a
screen name. You should be slapped just for mentioning Bohr and Bohm.

How many condoms do you carry with you when you make your living on the
street, ho?

Remember ho, if you're in Philadelphia it will only take an hour for me to
come up and file a stalking complaint.

Philly hos is the hoiest. Everybody knows that.

I would love that!!! Please tell my dad's good friend, [name suppressed], I
said hello. My father is a former Pennsylvania State Senator from
Philadelphia, my grandfather was in the PA House of Representatives.
Asshole, go ahead, fuck with me.

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