The Ballad of Doctor Jabir 'abd al-Khaliq

BEHOLD! The Honor of whom I bespeak:
Of a poet, brother, father, physicist, freak
Of Doctor Jabir 'abd al-Khaliq, Protector of Vegetation
Imam of Radio Beach and of the night that
I, Omar Abu Khan, Fakir of the Mountain's Teat,
Came to learn of the Moorish Orthodox Church
Came first to study at Doctor Jabir's feet.

Wearing the jangling bells of youth I sat
Among the infidels, who busy with their beer
Mindlessly chewing fat ignored the seer
at the podium scrolling godspells from his tongue
Its blade lightly flicking consonants as it
Had the erected crevice of the woman he sung
To us, in psalm, everywoman in particular Goddess
Sprung from the jail of flesh by the exquisite French of his tickler.

Others stood shocked while I was amazed at his bravery
Awed by this sage whom at first, I mistakenly thought
Was thin and frail, then he ascended the stage with debauchery
Reverence, humility, and the heady sacred haze of pot
Smoke seeped from the censure of his brain
To incense the audience shamelessly.

I, Omar abu Khan, bent my body at his careless nod
And thrust my head down to his bare feet. He said,
"Rise my son. Rise and speak! Careful as you do for
I've not cut my toenails in some six weeks". I said
"Master, may I learn your order? May I walk your way?
May you forgive the brevity of my toenails trimmed just today?"
He proclaimed,"By your eye's ruby glaze I see you've been dazed by
Allah's portion of hashish, as sacred to sheik and fakir
As the rabbi his kaddish. By the joint in your ear I see
Your spleef is not too loose, nor your roach too tight,
And thus we are brothers! Let us celebrate with glee
For Allah has called and you have answered on this Sabbath night.
Let us light up your reefer so that His face we may see!

Salaam Tamam Shud!


ed cramer