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PAINTINGS are acrylic on canvas. Please email or phone (831)426-4825 for price and shipping details.

SERIGRAPHS are considered “multiples” but are by no means reproductions. Each individual piece has been hand-painted and then hand-printed by traditional hand-cut film, adhered to silk to form a stencil. Work is done on Letramax 2200 acid-free illustration board. Serigraphs are approximately 11” x 14” and are shipped with 16” x 20” Crescent #3297 acid-buffered mat and backing. As a general rule, if pieces within an edition are quite consistent they are numbered, if they vary widely they are not. In 19 years of serigraph production, no more than 75 of any image has been created, sometimes as few as five. Price is $85.

LASER PRINTS of all paintings and serigraphs are available on Hammermill 28 lb. acid-free paper. Prints are shipped in 11” x 14” mat, and are $25. Selected paintings are also available as larger prints in 16” x 20” mat: please email for selection.

GICLEE prints of selected paintings are available on stretched canvas at 12.5 megapixel resolution. Please email for selection, size, price and shipping details.

CARDS are printed on 10 pt. gloss acid-free cardstock and come each with envelope in clear plastic sleeve, and are $5 each.

CDs of 2005 release “Restless Heart”, with 14 original songs, recorded at Gadgetbox Studios, are available for $15. Order at or phone (831)426-4825.
Listen to music sample from "Restless Heart": Pacifica

ORDERS are $15 minimum.