Bloodweave, Lizard Scales
Episode Three: Rat Creatures

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This was my first original adventure. The adventure descriptions get a lot shorter after this, however, due to a lack of good note-keeping on my part.

Yet another pest has struck the town of Haven: strange rat creatures they gnaw through anything (even stone!) to get at food, dig away the foundations of buildings, and worse. A bounty has even been posted - it's hard to get down to the serious business of looting Parlainth when "rats" are looting your food sack.

It's also raining heavily, turning the streets to mud.

Nasara is brought into the fray when one steals her lunch. Gorin comes after to keep her from hurting it; if it isn't a Horror, it's a beast, and he is a Beastmaster, after all. The chase leads across town and into Parlainth. The two turn back for supplies, the enter the Forgotten City, finally locating the main lair of the rat-things. It takes some exploring to locate an entrance to their lair, eventually passing a building infested with giant fungi and an underground chamber knee-deep in acidic muck, but they finally find them. The Adepts' solution to the problem: collapse the chamber.

But wait, was that a human figure they saw, lurking in the darkness beyond, just before the place collapsed? Hard to say...

Nasara, after all this, discovers friends in town: Captain Ahk Bloodletter of the Rattol is in town. She signs on to the crew of his airship - he's an old family friend, and she is finally able to pay off her debt to him. But what about Gorin? Well, no one seems to care about him...

...except for Eg'ver! Yes, Gorin's enemy has just come into town, forcing Gorin to flee through the muddy streets. Gorin eventually finds himself trapped on a tall building, with the Archer climbing up from below - when the Rattol sails just over ahead, dangling a few mooring cables. Gorin jumps for a cable and starts climbing, thanking the Passions that he had the foresight to take acrobatics training earlier.

Nasara peers over the edge of the ship to see what appears to be someone trying to stowaway on the ship. She is about the cut the rope when Eg'ver shows up and, thinking that the airship is intentionally assisting the dwarf, opens fire. His Karma-charged heavy arrows are puncturing the hull, so Nasara and several trolls open fire on Eg'ver. He is forced to dive for cover, giving Gorin time to clamber onto the deck.

The Captain is a fair-minded sort, so he allows Gorin to stay on board if he works off the cost of passage. It's a better deal than being a pincushion.

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