Bloodweave, Lizard Scales
Episode Four: The Electric Horror

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Technically, this kaer was my first dungeon, which is odd since (like many gamers), I got my start GMing them; I just never was much good at making up my own. This one worked pretty well.

The Rattol suddenly sails over a region of blasted desert - an unusual sight in Northern Barsaive. Down below, they sight a running man, and swing lower to see why he's running. It appears to be just sheer terror or lunacy; he soon collapses into an epileptic fit of sorts, then dies.

The crew follows his trail and locates a village destroyed by some Horror. Dust swirls through the empty streets. Their investigation reveals that the village's Kaer was in the nearby hills. A Horror on the trade routes must be destroyed, if possible, so Nasara, Gorin, and several trolls enter the Kaer.

First they encounter some unusual cadaver men; instead of being animated consciously through a Horror's will, they have been pumped with so much electrical energy that they're still moving! Luring them into shallow puddles works well as far as destroying them.

They find a room full of (Horror tainted?) lightning lizards. Nasara opens the doors, sees the lizards, the lizards see her, she ducks and slams the door, several lightning bolts blast the other side. The discovery of a carpentry provides inspiration; Gorin grabs nails, mixes them with meat, and takes them to the lizards - enticing them to eat it and kill themselves, putting them out of their misery.

Nasara fights a demiwraith with a deadly ice-black blade. Nasara's sword is shattered in the fight, but a well-aimed kick disarms the wraith, and she then slays it with its own weapon! She keeps the blade.

They then see the Horror, and hide in a corner until it leaves; it looks like a giant mutant lightning lizard, but fortunately is relatively mindless.

They meet a T'skrang mage Named Loh'si Starweaver in one of the far caves. (This character was the prototype for Vogt the White.) The t'skrang has surrounded himself with a protective circle and is cheerfully taking tea with a spirit, as per his Karma Ritual. He invites our heroes to join them, and is easily convinced to aid the troll crew in dealing with the Horror.

The final battle occurs in the central hall of the Kaer. Trollish steel and the arms that wield it are strong, and they are soon victorious. Gorin is knocked unconscious in the fight (again); when he wakes up, he finds, in a corner of the hall, the Claws of the Beast, and claims them for his own.

Above ground, the grass begins to grow again.

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