Just who is this guy anyway?

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My full name is William Bradford Spencer. My birth in 1982 was heralded by storms and earthquakes, but things calmed down after. As someone who constantly doodles and sketches, who reads voraciously, who occasionally writes with a degree of facility, and who has eclectic tastes in music, it was only natural that I become a film student. As of this writing, I'm soon to enter my second year at the University of California at Santa Cruz, more-or-less officially pursuing a major in Film & Digital Media.

Interests? Well, let's see, now: role-playing games, war games, computer games, and any other games you have lying around; old sci-fi and fantasy novels; "sequential art" (comics, manga, graphic stories, etc.); anime and bad sci-fi movies; dinosaurs; fnord; history; anthropology; mythology; astronomy; toy cars and plastic soldiers; drawing; writing; and probably lots of other things. Some of these might qualify me for "geekdom", whatever that is, if I was obsessive or less picky about them. However, I'm not either of those, so I guess I'm just me.

That's about it for the autobiography, I guess. Maybe I'll add more later. Maybe not. You know how things can go on the Web.

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