The Peete family has designated the National Foundation for Transplants for Maggie Heenie for anyone who would like to make any charitable donations in Bill's memory.

Maggie is a childhood and longtime friend of Nanci Griffith's and is the "Mary Margaret" in Nanci's signature tune "There's a Light Beyond These Woods Mary Margaret".

The on-line form accessible from the National Foundation for Transplants Web site is the best way for people to donate to Maggie's fund. That URI is:

Follow the link in the upper right corner for donations. The form has a drop-down with patients' names. Maggie is listed ad Heenie Margaret Graham.

If people prefer to send donations in the mail, the checks should be mailed, payable to National Foundation for Transplants, to:

National Foundation for Transplants
Re: Maggie Graham Heenie
1102 Brookfield, Suite 200
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

If people write Maggie's name and include "in memory of Bill Peete" in the "memo" part of the check, NFT will send Bill's family a list of donors.

Thank you kindly...

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