Meet Rockport and Augusta!

On February 1, 2002 Coonyham's Rockport and Lunarcoon's Augusta joined the family. Rocky was born on June 9, 2001 in Pleasanton, CA, and Gustie was born on October 4, 2001 in San Jose, California. Both are classic brown tabbies.
Here are some pictures of Rocky in the Cunningham's house getting ready to say good bye.

Rocky claimed his new carrier as soon as it was opened. Others of his extended family checked it out, but he went back in and moved them on out.

Here is Gustie relaxing on the sofa at Trish Leary and Paul Huntley's house before the drive to her new home.
Once the kittens got home, they relaxed for a while before starting to explore their new climbing platform tree. Here are some pictures of them playing and getting to know each other.

One area of fascination is Misty, the resident alpha bitch who is very interested in meeting her new subjects. Here are Gustie and Rocky watching Misty.

All seems peaceful at this time, but looks can be deceptive. Gustie is particularly interested in following Misty and chasing what she's chasing. However, whenever Misty is too close, Gustie's bravado disappears.

There's a lot of adventure on the first day in a new home. Sometimes one just has to take a nap.
Don't be fooled. Those eyes did not remain closed long. Soon these two were up and exploring the house again. Settling in on the bed in the bedroom, discovering what was on the dining room table, confronting Misty when she just was too close for comfort.
Fortunately, Misty is extremely calm--tail thumping in anticipation of fun aside--and well-trained. She knows the command "leave it" and does. As I write this, they are all sleeping peacefully. Two felines on the platform tree, Misty at my feet.

As time has passed, both Rocky and Gustie are feeling more and more at home. Here's Rocky sleeping next to one of Misty's favorite toys, but inside the cylindrical stand.

Both Gustie and Rocky are taking their time getting close to Misty. Here are Misty and Gustie sleeping in/on Misty's crate.

Misty, who must watch her weight, was found to be eating the kittens' food, so some intervention had to be taken. The cylindrical stand was put on top of their "Colliseum" to prevent Misty from helping herself. The Colliseum is 32 inches tall, but Misty is taller when she wants to be! My little "Hummer" can be quite determined when it comes to tasty cat food.

Here's a typical scene around the house. Misty, Rocky, and Gustie all taking their own places in the living room.

These kittens are growing, and in order to grow, they've got to eat!

Then they've got to rest and sleep.

Rocky loves to watch the Olympics, but he's no couch potato, he wants to be part of the action!

Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. Putting the cylindrical stand on top of the Colliseum just didn't quite work. Enter the 56 inch Kitty Tower, and one more place for the kittens to play.

This provided one more place to attract Misty's interest.

And another place for Gustie to hang out.

The relationship between Misty and Gustie and Rocky improves each day. Rocky feels quite comfortable taking over Misty's bed by the TV.

All three of them feel very comfortable on my bed! Misty seems to think that all is quite peaceful in her world, and can totally relax! This despite the fact that Rocky loves to swat at her whenever he gets a chance!

The kittens are also more and more comfortable with the big, black, hairy dog.

Yes, this is the life! Rocky the TV watcher, Gustie the dog's toy chaser, and Misty who really wants to play with these wonderful kittens!

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