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Part of my ukulele collection minus a few.


Baritone uke, Santa Cruz Guitar Company Firefly,
Seagull Parlor, Rainsong WS 1000 Carbon

Santa Cruz Guitar Company's
#1 Firefly. Cedar top, maple body,
24" scale. The perfect axe for
slack key in Open G tuning.


Mahogany Tenor Cigar Box
I made in 2007.

Latch on side

Inside with original H. Uppman cigar label

I was able to preserve the
H. Uppman cigar label on the back side.

Abalone inlays on my cigar box fret board


Pono Koa Tenor Ukulele

Incredible craftsmanship
and beautiful to look at too.



William King Tenor Ukulele
Vintage Series 2006
All mahogany with
incredible sound.


Kanile'a Sound Monster
Concert scale,
Sigother's birthday 2007
Music Guy Mike picked the
wood for this piece which
literally glows! And the
sound is incredible, too.

Have never seen Koa that pops like this!

Beautiful instrument; worth the wait!


Another Kanile'a Sound Monster
for me. Tenor scale with
a French Polish finish. 2007





'89 Dobro, 2006 Ron Phillips Parlor Resonator,
2006 Ron Phillips Tenor Resonator Ukulele

Bugs Gear Electric Tenor Ukulele . . . Easiest player

Risa Custom Crystal-Ellie
Solid Body Electric
My most pimped axe

Tom Guy Cigar Box
All Cedar Tenor Ukulele
Incredible sound


K-Wave body;
I made the tenor scale neck

Maddog inlay

Maddog and modified K-Wave


Kevin Hall's Timberline
Alaskan Cypress
Concert Flamencolele


Sheer beauty; you can see
the sunlight thru the back.



Long neck sopranos for
club and general beaters


Ko Aloha Sceptre Concert Scale
Unreal projection

Perfect bookmatching of the lower bout



And now for something completely different,
Ukulele Ray's most outrageous box-a-lele:
the Bugs Bunny model.
10-5/8" scale with a tiny sound . . .
and you can actually play it!

Ukulele Ray playing the Bugs


Twelve-string, slack-key Takamine guitar
with cedar top, mahogany body,

Two ukuleles will fit inside this monster
with a sweet mellow sound.


Ome Tenor Banjo.
The sound from this banjo is
so loud, sharp and cutting
that earplugs are recommended.


Fantini 4-reed GCF for Zydeco
Big voice. No amplification required.

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