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Blame it on DEL REY . . .

She came to the Santa Cruz Uke Club last year and played reso guitar and uke. The guitar sounded like wood on steroids; the uke was very well voiced and distinct from other reso-ukes I had heard. So I asked who the maker was: Ron Phillips. I got on his list in July of 2005 . . . sent him the fretboard I made and a heap of bux, said "tenor cutaway," and left the design totally up to him. May 20, 2006, I went up to his place and picked it up. Whoa daddy, Ron is a flippin' genius! He got a Bridgeport mill, ripped it apart, redid it with his own design, hooked it to his design computer, and programmed his instrument parameters. Hot damn, this boy is "Mr. Rocket Science" in my book. Ron has brains 'n horse sense. truly the rarest of hominids! Oh, and in my opinion, his resonator instruments have da best reso sound you will get in this lifetime.

This is my Harley chopper—shiny, loud, and fast. It is soooo cooool to play...my fingers "be off the ground."



Front view


Back view

So beautifully constructed, it plays by itself.



Treble side cutaway


Maple bound fret board


Bass side view

Ron did a perfect match on the headstock overlay with my abalone dog bones.


I'm a happy boy.

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