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- 5-course (pairs of strings)

20-3/8" scale
tuned GDAEB

Last coats of lacquer before final polish.







Note the bent rosewood pieces on the neck of the doll's head.
They were bent using sigother's hair curling iron :-)
for which I got my butt whooped!

Note silver Celtic knot with opal chips inlaid.
The whole point was to make a
modern medieval-looking instrument.



Doll's head with opal and ivory ring . . .
Kenny from South Park?
Eight pieces of rosewood book-matched top plate.

Opal inlays on fret board


The bridge is Zircote wood.




Opus Scutum . . . Look it up in the O.E.D., the most obscure pun in the world.


Cittern in case


Friend, CD Evans, trying out the cittern

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