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Wh-a-a-zat . . . and wh-o-o-zat, the thing called "DuhDog," aka "Mad Dog"?

He's a two-legged creature of unknown origin, who decided late in life to take on a new persona and start creating "things." But he wasn't always into creation as depicted by the photo at left. Yes, that's a god-forsaken 22-caliber rifle and a steelhead trout. He was a competition pistol, rifle and trap shooter and a fisher of trout when the steelhead used to run in abundance in the streams feeding into the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz County. Ammo became too expensive and the streams dried up, so DuhDog had to find some other form of recreatiion.

As retirement loomed on the horizon, stargazing seemed like a safe sport. Acquiring toys was also another favorite sport fueled by competition with his brother-in-law, his accountant, and all men. So telescopes became a passion. (Come see the dusty telescope collection in the garage.) As fate stepped in, sigother was going to Hawaii to cover a dog show specialty and DuhDog would go along as photographer (don't ask—another passion laid to rest awhile back—come see the dusty camera collection in the garage). Hawaii, Mauna Kea, and 14,000 ft. are nirvana for an amateur astronomer. But what to do about a telescope??? You guessed it, he built one to fit into a carry-on case, and astounded the astronomers atop Mauna Kea with his creation.

Upon retirement, DuhDog jumped into the music scene, attending blues and bluegrass festivals here and there and even the occasional accordion festival much to the chagrin of sigother. Seeing instruments built by some of the local musicians triggered another switch in the brain— having been successful with a telescope, why not a musical instrument? Of course, he couldn't play a lick or read music; but no matter. What follows are his rants on his creations.




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