Embracing Your Subconscious, by Jenny Davidow

A Creative Partnership with Your Subconscious and Mind-Body Intelligence

Albert Einstein once said, "Problems are never solved on the level on which they were created." Einstein described his creative process as thinking in images rather than words, such as imagining what it would be like to ride a light beam into space.

Like Einstein, when you penetrate beyond words and logic, you go beyond the limitations of your conscious mind's assumptions and tap into the vast energy and awareness available to you - to discover other levels of knowing. You can then understand and solve problems in ways your conscious mind cannot: from a larger perspective, on many levels at once, often with leaps of insight.

When you make contact with the larger perspective of your mind-body intelligence, you get smarter and more creative. This is because your mind-body intelligence speaks the same language as your subconscious. You can become skillful at inner communication with this otherwise hidden part of you, both listening and speaking more fluently in the language which is embedded in your body sensations, imagery and emotional energy.

When you bring healing attention to the subconscious blockages and inner conflicts that affect your health, relationships and confidence, you become more comfortable and flexible. You experience more resilience. You see yourself and others with increased awareness, loving clarity and compassion. You gain a new sense of freedom and well-being.

Your Mind-Body and Subconscious will help you:

Your Subconscious Provides a Map to Inner Peace

Living a life that is balanced between doing and being may be considered an act of both courage and skill in today's world. We rush from one thing to the next all day, multi-tasking all the while. That rushed life is not a balanced life, not a healthy life, and somewhere inside us we know that.

Our most valuable possession, and perhaps the rarest, is "peace of mind." You can have all the wealth and success possible, but without inner peace, it is worthless. Without peace in your own mind and heart, you can't enjoy life.

High stress is so common in our lives that we tend to accept its signals and symptoms as a necessary price to pay in order to succeed. We are all pressured to "try hard," but ironically the harder we try to succeed in the world of externals, the less inner peace we feel. This is why success can feel empty and meaningless.

Your subconscious and mind-body are your greatest resource, yet most people ignore this intelligence - which makes up 90% of our brain-power or consciousness. We try to achieve goals or change behavior patterns or establish healthier habits, but sheer will-power isn't enough. We can't get it to happen without the agreement and support of the subconscious.

Your subconscious and mind-body intelligence can actually help guide you back to inner peace. This is because a large portion of your perceptions, memories, assumptions and abilities operate outside your conscious awareness. Unacknowledged, the subconscious is a powerful force that can hold you back. But when you are willing to communicate with it, you are empowered beyond anything your conscious mind alone could offer.

A Dynamic Partnership with Your Subconscious Mind

A partnership with your subconscious and mind-body intelligence helps you to feel more fully alive, able to handle stress, and be more healthy, peaceful and productive. In addition, a healthy partnership between your conscious mind and your subconscious creates a blend of doing and being that your conscious mind could not achieve alone. Your doing will be more focused and confident; your being will be more peaceful and comfortable. This partnership is the most effective antidote to stress; it comes in limitless supply; and it is always available.

You may ask, "How can this partnership happen?" Your subconscious stores everything that happens to you, information that is far more detailed than your conscious mind could ever hold or remember. The conscious "you" may not know something, but the subconscious "you" often knows very well and is ready to offer a wider perspective and choices to help you get what you need.

Most people are frustrated because they don't believe their subconscious wants to help them or is willing to communicate with them. In hypnotherapy sessions, you will discover that the subconscious wants to do both, and will show up in very surprising and creative ways to offer support and guidance.

You will learn how to go beyond your conscious process, to discover the images and emotions that express the potential and wisdom of your subconscious mind. As a result, you will experience a deeper connection with yourself, more grounding in your body, and a feeling of increased peace.

To achieve lasting change, we need to enlist the help and support of the subconscious - and Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Coaching are the best, most effective ways to do this.

  • The newest brain research confirms what hypnotherapists have known for a century: that the brain has "plasticity:" it can change itself, grow new neurons and reroute neurotransmitter pathways, enabling people to overcome great obstacles, either physical or emotional.
  • Hypnotherapy assists you in using your natural plasticity to the fullest, to make positive mind-body changes, regardless of age.
  • Your thoughts can either help or hurt you, both mentally and physically: Think of a favorite relaxing place and your heart rate slows; your breathing deepens. When you have worried, angry, or fearful thoughts, your heart beats more rapidly, your breathing is shallow, your muscles tense, and your blood pressure rises.
  • Your brain is wired to respond to thoughts as though they were real, physical events.
  • When you imagine dancing, neurons in your brain and body fire as if you are dancing. When you feel trapped, your neurons fire as if you are trapped.
  • Hypnotherapy puts you in touch with the rich resources of your mind-body intelligence and subconscious - about 90% of your total intelligence - so you can solve problems, achieve goals, increase creativity, and live with sparkle and vitality.

Your Subconscious Stories

Individual sessions are designed to help you improve a specific area of your life. You are gently guided to access deeper layers of your awareness, potential and resources. Often, without your knowing it, your subconscious is telling you stories that hold you back. These stories exert a strong influence on the way you think, what you believe is possible, and even your health and inner peace.

Your subconscious carries stories in the form of images, metaphors and a 'felt sense' in your body. When you are helped to discover the subconscious stories that might be blocking you from moving forward or achieving a goal, this process is best described by the term "hypnotherapy." Hypnotherapy helps you to enlist your subconscious as an ally to make positive changes in your story. You will develop new choices and skills that give you increased clarity and comfort, both internally and with others.

The mind and body are now considered, scientifically, to be a unified field. They operate as one system, fully integrated with each other. The most recent brain research and brain imaging has proven that our thoughts and emotions actually do cause instantaneous changes in our bodies, for better or for worse. When we imagine the movements of walking or dancing, our nerves fire the same as if we were actually moving. When we are emotionally stressed, our blood chemistry changes with the release of cortisol; when we are happy, endorphins are released.

Because what we imagine and think has a profound influence on our wellbeing and health, hypnotherapy is especially powerful and effective in going to the deepest mind-body levels where change happens and the benefits are most lasting.

As a teacher and guide who has been helping people for over 30 years, I have incorporated many mind-body approaches and methods designed to fit your needs. Some of these include active imagination, mental rehearsal, Inner Dialogue, Focusing, NLP, metaphor, reframing, mindfulness meditation and dreamwork.

Simply put, hypnotherapy sessions shift your awareness from your usual consciousness to a deeper and more inclusive awareness. You will discover that your subconscious has valuable information to help you.

Individual Consultations and Hypnotherapy help you get "unstuck" and on track to achieve your goals. You come more fully into the present moment, centered and grounded in your body, with a better perspective to respond to what is happening in your life right now. You are not drained by the past or caught up in worry about the future. Hypnotherapy actually helps you to connect more fully with yourself - and with others. It is not an escape or a fantasy. Rather, it is a deeper way of experiencing all of who you are, savoring the good in your life, and using your total mind-body intelligence to solve problems, achieve goals, be creative, and express the best of who you are in the world.

An old proverb says, "Do not give a hungry man a fish. Teach him to fish so he will never need to be hungry again." Hypnotherapy gives you a fishing pole and shows you how to dip into the richness of your subconscious on your own.

Hypnotherapy will help you get past crippling self-doubt and worry, resolve painful memories, meet a challenging health condition or life event, gain confidence, and improve self-image and self-acceptance. You will discover hidden strengths and resources - and learn how to bring them into your daily life.

Hypno-Coaching helps you rise from a level of competence to a level of excellence. Like the visualization techniques used by world-class athletes, you learn a proven method to get out of your own way, to remove the last trace of self-doubt, so that you can take flight and soar.

We've all experienced "highs" in life at some point, where everything seems to flow with ease: Your senses are heightened. You feel very confident and full of energy. Your body is relaxed or especially coordinated. These are times we long to have more of, but they seem to just happen at random, lucky times - not often enough.

But what if you could call up a "high" whenever you wanted it? Hypno-Coaching helps you to communicate with your subconscious and body-mind, getting it fully on your side. You will have the ability to create your own "high" when you need it - in any situation.

Whether you want to express yourself with more confidence; communicate your feelings more clearly; speak in front of groups with comfort and ease; write, dance, perform or express your creativity more freely, or something else, Hypno-Coaching will help you to "fine tune" and enhance your skills.

It is well-known now that athletes who win the "gold" do not only hone and master their physical skills; they hone their mental skills and positive attitude as well. The same is true in all forms of mastery and excellence: You learn how to quiet the doubting or critical voices that would distract you from doing your best. When your subconscious totally supports you in what you're doing, your skills are enhanced and your perception heightened - putting you 100% on track to achieving any goal. What's more, you'll feel a natural "high" much more of the time and enjoy every moment.

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Jenny Davidow, M.A., DCH, has been helping people reclaim the wisdom of their subconscious for over 30 years. She offers sessions and consultations throughout the U.S. by telephone. She also provides consultations, hypnotherapy and workshops in person in Bellingham, WA and by arrangement throughout the United States.

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