Comptometers - Desks

School Having discovered the need for trained operators, Dorr Felt soon became aware of the need to improve operator comfort and efficiency. Simply setting the Comptometer on a normal desktop imposed an unnatural forearm, wrist and hand position. As a result, there is little doubt that early operators experienced what we now term "carpel tunnel syndrome" (but few complained, I'd guess).

School His schools were probably the first to experiment with some type of special or modified desk to hold the Comptometer at a proper height. Clearly, the keyplate should be approximately at normal desktop level. The photo at left of a New York schoolroom illustrates a "strip-desk" with simple "well"s spaced along its length. For training, such spartan-like furniture was probably satisfactory.

Most of F&T's customers provided individual desks for operators and their Comptometers. One of the most interesting of these customized desks is owned by Dr. David C. Baker, Ziegler Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN who has provided the following interesting photo-set...

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