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James Redin's Dotpoint calculator site is a virtual cornucopia of historical and technical information about all manner of calculators including several pages devoted to Ray Mackay's dissertations on the operation, care and repair of these dear old throwbacks.

For a description of the mechanism of models F thru WM, click here The war model (WM) was a variation on the M-model to conserve metal during WWII. With words and jpgs, Ray gives a step by step teardown of the internals.

Mark Greenia, Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco, has written a super fine Encyclopedia of Computer History on CD ROM. It is available directly from Mark or thru for about US$20.

The copydate issue of Y2000 will include the 12/20/99 version of this website as well as everything you'll ever want to know about Computer History. Should I not be around at some future time, I hereby give Mark explicit permission to copy the final version of this website for inclusion in later editions of his publication.

Erez Kaplan has created a working Comptometer demonstration right here on the Internet. While it does not premit multiple, simultaneous fingering (would need multiple mice for that :-), its certainly fun to operate.
Nigel Tout has provided us with a view of Comptometers as configured for "Sterling" currency, standard thruout the British Commonwealth until about 1970. While there, be sure to check out the rest of his "Old Calculators" website.
Kevin Odhner, great, great nephew of Willgodt T. Odhner, the Swedish inventor, provides a fascinating history of the early Odhner-design four-function calculators. Variations on these machines were produced all over the world from the late 1800s thru the 1970s and many are still used in Russia to this day!
The Institute for Mathmatics and Computer Science at Ludwigsburg, Germany, provides us with a short movie demonstrating a one-handed 3-finger multiplication example using the Comptometer. Of course, you'll need a media player on your PC to view this.
Andries De Man has provided calc collectors with html versions of many of the most significant documents relating to early inventions in the field . He also converted and edited the html version of the H-Repairs Manual that appears on this website here.

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