Cover painting by Bailey Buddy Winters

Smooth & Quirky

Guitarist-vocalist-mandolinist David Winters presents an all-original collection of smooth guitar instrumentals and quirky songs about common predicaments. From the unusual 'Overtime in 5/4' with its whistled melody to the ringing harmonics in the upbeat 'Finger Fun', the instrumentals explore varied terrain and demonstrate a wealth of guitar experience. The jazzy vocal numbers - from the swinging baby-boomer birthday song 'Nifty You're Fifty' to the tongue-in-cheek 'Wonderful Without You' - turn a humorous eye toward some familiar life situations. The clever lyrics, the resonant and stylish baritone voice, the tasteful and accomplished mandolin and guitar work are all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
Smooth and Quirky, the first CD by David Winters is available from:
David Winters/Music, and also through

Print by Bailey Buddy Winters from photo by Paul Schraub

Jazzy Political Music

Professional musician and labor culture activist David Winters presents a retrospective collection of his original songs and parodies. Containing pieces from his 1989 recording of the same name, along with more recent works on topics of concern to people struggling for peace and justice. From the humorous and biting 'Strangers On The Right' (which received a standing ovation at the 2001 AFL-CIO Convention and was reprinted in Sing Out! Magazine) to the informative story of 'A. Phillip Randolph', this entertaining collection explores varied terrain.
"Great CD" (Julie McCall, Labor Heritage Foundation)
David has appeared at many peace and justice events through the years "Singer-songwriter David Winters brought the house down with his pointed spoofs" (People's Weekly World)
"he is musically and politically on top of his material. I enjoy and respect his Voice and think you will too." (composer Earl Robinson, referring to David's 1989 release of the same name)

Jazzy Political Music, by David Winters is available from: David Winters/Music, and also through

Cover painting by Bailey Buddy Winters

Cooking Up Something For The Kids

An instrumental collection of traditional tunes for your family to sing & dance along with, by guitarist-mandolinist-whistler David Winters
1. Name that tune Medley (Itsy Bitsy Spider, This Old Man, Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, Mary had a Little Lamb, Bingo, Frere Jacques, I'm a Little Teapot) 3:34
2. Sailor's Hornpipe 2:23
3. I've Been Working On The Railroad 1:50
4. La Cucaracha 1:48
5. Alphabet Song 1:24
6. Pop Goes the Weasel/Loopdi Loo Slip Jig 2:49
7. Hava Nagilah 2:13
8. Turkey In the Straw 2:20
9. Study War No More 3:40
10. Brahms' Lullaby 1:31

Drawing by Bailey Buddy Winters

My Wild Irish Roots

An instrumental collection of traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, airs and slip jigs by guitarist-mandolinist David Winters

All CD's can be ordered by mail from Winters/Music, 136 Van Ness Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Each CD is $10 (no shipping or handling charges), please send a check for the appropriate amount made out to Winters/Music.

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