Natural & Artificial Harmonics For The Guitar

Besides being the most comprehensive work on the theory and technique of harmonics for the guitar, the book can also be used as a reference manual by players of other stringed instruments. Harmonics, often referred to as chimes or bell-like sounds, are generally employed in a limited fashion as 'special effects'. In detailing a wide variety of techniques and applications this book aims to illustrate the vast potential of harmonics for any guitar style.

Along with positive response from readers, the first edition of the book drew praise from Howard Morgen, of the Manhattan School of Music and the New School, in the May 1984 issue of GUITAR WORLD Magazine as "a fine new book", and from Jim Ferguson in the October issue of GUITAR PLAYER Magazine as "well written and full of useful information...a comprehensive work." Here are additional comments since the release of the Revised Edition:
"Wow! What a book. It's excellent." (Arnie Berle, noted music educator and author)
"I am sure it will be in use for many, many years." (Ron Benson, Dir. Of Curriculum, Guitar Institute of Technology)
"It is a definitive treatment of the topic" (John W. Tanno, GUITAR REVIEW, winter 1990)
"surely the most complete treatment of the subject available...a reference of value to people interested in strings of all sorts." (Bart Hopkin, EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, September 1997)

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